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About me

I am fascinated by the power of clothes over how you feel, what you think about yourself, and what story your clothes tell the people around you. This power is always available to you and the change that it makes in you is INSTANT. After all, how many other magic buttons like that are out there?
I will show you how to translate your personality into your unique style, how to dress your body type in the most flattering way and how to choose your clothes mindfully so they make you feel beautiful and give you confidence. And when you feel good, good things start to happen in life.

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My workshops are a mix of theory, examples, personal stories, exercises and tons of inspiration. They will make you look at yourself differently and give you the tools to create a new, refined version of your wardrobe and your style. You will feel the sense of taking over the control of your life. What starts with curating your style, expressing your authentic self, will spread around on other areas of your life. Because of the newfound comfort and self-confidence, you will have more energy to chase your goals and dreams.

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Mijn passie, jouw fun

een workshop van mij boeken?

Dat kan! We spreken daarvoor nog een paar dingen af. Zodat ik weet wat jullie verwachtingen zijn en jullie weten wat mijn aanpak is. Ook andere concrete zaken kunnen we afspreken.

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Lots of inspiration & motivation